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Welcome to the Constituent Services website for the State of Utah.

For years now, it has been our ongoing objective to make state government more accessible through technology and innovation. Utah has helped lead the nation in customer service by using the Internet to bring government to the people. More than 800 online services are currently available and we plan to continue leading the way by offering this unique website to you.

In the past, many of you have called, written a letter, or sent an e-mail sharing your thoughts and concerns with the Governor's office. Now, in addition to these more traditional methods of communication, you can log on to this website from the comfort of your own home and access needed information, offer feedback, or address your concerns regardless of the date or time.

The team in Constituent Services works hard to help make government easy and accessible. Their job is to enable you with the information necessary to best address the issues facing you and your loved ones. In other words, we want to get you to the right people, at the right agency, with the appropriate authority to address your concerns. That means the state may not always be the most appropriate venue for you, so we've designed the website to help you locate the city, county, or federal agency that may provide a program or service more compatible with your concerns.

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